Denisov Affair


To construct the dialogues, I used documentary sources: several students recorded "educational talks" on their phones. While many lines in the play were taken verbatim from the mouths of real teachers, there were people both among the actors and the audience who said that such things were not possible in modern Russia.

The actor who was supposed to play the role of the police officer refused to go on stage and had to be replaced.
Denisov Affair is a play based on the events of 2016-2017 when school students took to the streets to protest against corruption in Russia. Following their political gesture, they were subjected to numerous humiliations: teachers insulted them in front of the class, and headmasters conducted a series of "educational talks" with them in the presence of their parents. During these talks, headmasters threatened to expel them. In several cases, parents took the side of the headmasters, fearing for the future that their children would face if they dropped out of school.

I tried to imagine a teacher's council during which teachers would have to decide the future of a student.
Directed by Olga Lysak
in Chelyabinsk State Academic Drama Theatre
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