Young Mandelstam


By first education, I am a specialist in Russian literature. This book is a fruit of and a monument to the years spent in academia, first in Russia, then in France. These two countries are present in this book, too, through its two main figures: a Russian poet Osip Mandelstam and a French philosopher Henri Bergson.

Published by Armchair Scientist in 2022.

This novella first appeared in a Tel Aviv-based journal Mirror. Then my friend illustrator Irina Lisacheva proposed to publish it in a form of livre d'artiste, in a limited edition with every book printed by hand and accompanied by unique monotypes.

Hand-printed in Strasbourg by Irina Lisacheva.

Preobrazhensky Regiment


This is a really strange book. When I agreed to translate it, I didn't quite know what I was getting into.

Published by Opistoshitel in 2022.


Albert Caraco. Bréviaire du chaos



This book is the last nail in the coffin of the memoir genre.

Published by Opustoshitel in 2022.


Roland Topor. Mémoires d'un vieux con


This is a book of Beckett's late short prose. My motivation for translating these texts was that they weren't translated into Russian at the time.

The translation was difficult, but also unsettling. Translating Nelson Algren into Russian would be difficult: it would be something like inventing a new language for a nonexistent social stratum. Translating Beckett was like trying to forget you knew how to speak.

Published by Opustoshitel in 2022. Illustrations by Irina Lisacheva.


Samuel Beckett. Stirrings Still


This was my first translation from French. I remember how during a class on Foreign Literature at Novosibirsk State University the professor told us about the Dujardin book, saying it was the first work of literature entirely written in the stream of consciousness technique. Also, she told us that while even Joyce felt he was indebted to Dujardin, the book still wasn't translated in Russian. So I decided to translate it.

Published by Inostrannaya Literatura in 2017.


Édouard Dujardin. Les lauriers sont coupés


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