After the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a group of friends decide to leave Russia and settle on an island in the Marmara sea near Istanbul. The film, starting at this point as a kind of travelogue, gradually develops into a meditation on home and exile.
Heaven and Home (2023)
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Serpentine dance is one of the earliest artistic forms in film history.
It was devised by Loïe Fuller in the 1890s and involved a performer wearing a light, voluminous costume with two sticks attached. The dancer would swish and twirl their costume using the sticks, creating a fluid and graceful swirl of fabric.

Films featuring serpentine dances were painted frame by frame with a brush by women colorists. Therefore, very few colored prints of any given film existed. Even fewer have come down to us: in its early days, cinema was considered only a form of popular entertainment, and many early films were simply thrown away after they had gone out of fashion.

Serpentine is a tribute to the early cinema and its path to discovery of the artistic value of motion.
Serpentine (2022)
It is probably the same – to see oneself and to say "I".
The gaze turned upon itself asks: "Who is watching?".
The voice of a man talking about himself asks: "Who is speaking?".
Finally, if there is no way to escape the language,
then there's probably a way to make a film that is unable to escape its subtitles.
Such a film would be like the man himself.
Membrane (2022)
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