After the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a group of friends decide to leave Russia and settle on an island in the Marmara sea near Istanbul. The film, starting at this point as a kind of travelogue, gradually develops into a meditation on home and exile.
Heaven and Home (2023)
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Serpentine dance is one of the earliest artistic forms in film history.
It was devised by Loïe Fuller in the 1890s and involved a performer wearing a light, voluminous costume with two sticks attached. The dancer would swish and twirl their costume using the sticks, creating a fluid and graceful swirl of fabric.

Films featuring serpentine dances were painted frame by frame with a brush by women colorists. Therefore, very few colored prints of any given film existed. Even fewer have come down to us: in its early days, cinema was considered only a form of popular entertainment, and many early films were simply thrown away after they had gone out of fashion.

Serpentine is a tribute to the early cinema and its path to discovery of the artistic value of motion.
Serpentine (2022)
It is probably the same – to see oneself and to say "I".
The gaze turned upon itself asks: "Who is watching?".
The voice of a man talking about himself asks: "Who is speaking?".
Finally, if there is no way to escape the language,
then there's probably a way to make a film that is unable to escape its subtitles.
Such a film would be like the man himself.
Membrane (2022)
On the night of February 2, 2020, a roof collapsed in the building in Novosibirsk where a Walter Garage Party was being held. Five persons ended up under the rubble, one of them died. The building belonged to the local federal facility of housing and public utilities and was rented by the organisers of the party, Danila Odintsov and Anton Shmatov, for the night of the party. A technical expertise found that the roof had collapsed under the pressure of snow, the amount of which exceeded the acceptable level. While, according to federal regulations, the roof snow removal falls under the responsibility of the owner of the building, a criminal case was opened against Shmatov and Odintsov who rented it for one night. In March 2021, they were charged. They face up to six years in prison. The Walter documentary tells the story of the cultural events organized by Anton and Danila and puts forward the question of validity of the case against them.
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Walter (2020)
Camera, sound and editing: Daniil Lebedev
Music: Arseny Skukovsky, Mr. Dickson
Graphics: Anton Shmatov, Dmitry Rachkov
Photo and video materials: Margarita Amosova, Dmitry Zolotarev,
Denis Krivtsov, Nikita Skbortsov, Vasily Kovbasiuk, Alexander Ivanov, Dmitry Rachkov, Egor Koemets, Sergey Nikolaev, Yury Lytkin, Vitaly Otinov, Roman Melgunov, Nikita Pesterev, Ivan Maksimovich, Anton Koroliuk, Anton Shmatov
Featuring: Dmitry Zolotarev, Darya Zaikina, Danil Kugrashov, Regina Kugrashova, Denis Naygeborin, Natasha Gavrilenko, Arseny Blizniuk, Eduard Kornev, Zhenya Kaplin, Marianna Beznosova, Anton Rachkov, Dmitry Chebotarev, Elena Dobritskaya, Maria Mamontova, Denis Shmatov, Anton Shmatov, Danila Odintsov

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